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Cervical Cancer: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Decoding a Common Abnormal Pap Smear Test Result
An ASCUS Pap smear is a common result to the Pap test. Explore what an ASCUS Pap means and how it relates to cervical cancer.
What Do Genital Warts Look Like?
What do genital warts look like? See what genital warts look like in these genital wart photos.
Know the Signs of Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer rarely has symptoms in the earlier stages. As the disease progresses, cervical cancer symptoms begin to appear. Explore the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer.
How Much Does a Pap Smear Cost Without Insurance?
For some women without health insurance, it may seem difficult to get a Pap smear because of the cost. Learn how much a Pap smear costs without insurance, and options if you do not have insurance.
Why You Shouldn't Get a Pap Smear on Your Period
Can you get a pap smear if you are on your period? Find out more in this FAQ about having a Pap smear while menstruating.
Learn the Signs and Symptoms of HPV
Learn about the most common HPV symptoms, and what to look for when HPV doesn't produce any symptoms.
Your Complete Guide to Understanding Cervical...
Cervical cancer is a disease that affects the cervix in the female reproductive system. Explore what cervical cancer is, symptoms and treatment, and the basics of the disease.
What You Need to Know About HPV
The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a strong risk factor for cervical cancer. Check out what HPV is, how you get it, and how HPV is treated.
How to Get a Free or Low Cost Pap Smear
A Pap smear is a vital test for optimum health care. For some women, the Pap smear is added expense that cannot be afforded. Financial difficulties and lack of insurance are often the reason why women don't have regular Pap smears. Here are some resources on how to get a free or low cost Pap smear.
What Is the Cervical Os?
Definition of cervical os, an anatomical medical term.
Understanding Cervical Cancer Symptoms and...
Abnormal vaginal bleeding a common symptom to many types of conditions and diseases. Could it be a symptom of cervical cancer?
Genital Warts 101
Learn more about the strain of HPV known to cause genital warts in men and women. What genital warts look like and how they are diagnosed is discussed.
What to Expect at Your Pap Smear
A Pap smear is a screening test used to detect precancerous cells and cervical cancer in women. Learn what to expect during a Pap smear.
Cervical Cancer Stages
There are five stages in cervical cancer. Each stage represents progression of the disease. Learn more about the stages of cervical cancer in this in-depth explanation of cervical cancer stages.
Your Guide to an LGSIL Pap Smear Result
Read more about LGSIL Pap smear results, an abnormal type of Pap smear result.
Cervical Dysplasia - What is Cervical Dysplasia?
Cervical dysplasia can be a precursor to cervical cancer, if left untreated. Learn more about how cervical dysplasia is detected and treated before it turns cancerous.
How Often Do You Need a Pap Smear?
Cervical cancer screening guidelines vary from woman to woman. Learn when to have your first Pap smear and how often screening should occur thereafter.
Understanding Cervical Cancer Symptoms
Pelvic pain in women can indicate many ailments, cancer included. Learn more about pelvic pain, and when you should report it to the doctor.
The Best Time to Schedule Your Pap Smear
Did you know that there is an ideal time in a woman's cycle to have a Pap smear? Discover the best time schedule to Pap smear.
High Grade Dysplasia
HGSIL Pap smear results mean high grade dysplasia. HGSIL is just one type of dysplasia. Though it is not cervical cancer, it can lead to cervical cancer when left untreated and unmonitored. Learn what an HGSIL Pap smear result means, how it is confirmed and treated.
The 6 Biggest Pap Smear Mistakes
Certain things can interfere with how accurate the results of your Pap smear may be. Get wise to common mistakes women make when it comes to Pap smears so you can ensure the best results.
The 5 Best Tips for Preventing Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer prevention should be a top priority for all women! Check out these ways to reduce your risk of cervical cancer.
Medical defintion of ASCUS, a type of abnormal Pap smear result.
Can You Still Get Pregnant After a LEEP...
A LEEP is procedure done to treat high grade cervical dysplasia. Women who have had LEEPs are often concerned about how it will affect future pregnancies. Discover how having a LEEP will affect pregnancy and childbirth.
Sex After LEEP?
The average time to wait before having sex after this procedure to remove abnormal cervical tissue is about four to six weeks.
Cervical Cancer Diagnosis
Diagnosing cervical cancer involves a series of exams and medical tests. From cervical cancer symptoms to cervical cancer stages, here you will find out the process in diagnosing cervical cancer.
The 9 Biggest Myths About Cervical Cancer
Separate fact from fiction -- learn the truth behind the top myths about cervical cancer.
So You Have Cervical Cancer - What Happens Next?
Several cervical cancer treatment options are available today, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Find out which treatment is best, when.
What is a Colposcopy?
A colposcopy is a follow-up procedure for abnormal Pap smears. Learn why a oolposcopy is performed, what to expect, and more about colposcopy results.
LEEP Procedure to Treat Cervical Dysplasia
A LEEP procedure is commonly recommended for women with cervical dysplasia. Discover what a LEEP is, how it is done, and what to expect afterwards.
Is HPV Curable?
The answer to a common question: is the human papillomavirus (HPV) curable, or not?
Caring for Your Hair and Scalp During...
Chemotherapy induced hair loss is common during treatment. Learn how to protect your scalp and thinning hair throughout treatment.
What is a Pap Smear?
Discover what a Pap smear is and why it is necessary for all women to have one done regularly.
What is the Cervix?
Learn more about the function and purpose of the cervix in relation to cervical cancer.
Free and Low-Cost Gardasil Vaccination
Want to get the Gardasil vaccine but can't afford it? There is hope! Check out these programs that help women get the Gardasil HPV vaccine for free or at a reduced cost.
Cost and Insurance Coverage of Garadsil, the...
A look into the cost of the HPV vaccine Gardasil.
Cervical Dysplasia Treatment
Several treatment methods are available for cervical dysplasia. Discover what options are available to treat cervical dysplasia.
HPV Quiz
HPV Quiz How Much Do You Know About HPV? Sorry, but this quiz requires that you have javascript turned
How to Prevent and Reduce Your Risk of HPV
Learn how to reduce your risk of developing the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus that is known to cause cervical cancer in women.
Are Pap Smears Necessary After Having a...
A look into cervical cancer screening after a woman has had a hysterectomy.
Cervical Biopsy - What to Expect
A cervical biopsy is essential in diagnosing cervical abnormalities and cancer. Learn what a cervical biopsy is, how it is done, and what to expect during the procedure.
Can a colposcopy exam be done if a woman is on...
Can you get a colposcopy exam during your period? Learn more in the FAQ from a reader who asks if she should get a coposcopy exam during her period.
7 Questions to Ask When Diagnosed with Cervical...
Here are seven important questions women should ask their doctor after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.
Pap Smear During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?
Is it safe to have a Pap smear while pregnant? Learn the importance of having a Pap smear during pregnancy for both the baby and the Mother.
Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer
Radiation therapy is a common treatment method for cervical cancer. Discover what radiation therapy is, how it used to combat cervical cancer, and what women require radiation therapy for cervical cancer treatment.
Cervical Cancer Risk Factors
There are several risk factors for cervical cancer. Some risk factors can be avoided, but unfortunately some cannot. Discover the risk factor for cervical cancer.
Can You Catch HPV by Sitting on a Public Toilet...
An About Cervical Cancer reader asks if HPV can be transmitted through a toilet seat. Can you indeed get HPV from a toilet seat? Find out the answer.
Colposcopy Risks
Explore the risks involved with having a colposcopy exam, a common follow-up procedure to an abnormal Pap smear.
Condoms and HPV
Learn more about how effective condoms are against the human papillomavirus (HPV). Condoms are highly effective against other STDs, but how do they fare when it comes to HPV?
Do I have to be a virgin to get Gardasil?
A reader asks whether virginity affects whether a woman can be vaccinated with Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. Gardasil is currently available to young women between the ages of 9 to 26.
Treating Cervical Cancer with Chemotherapy
Discover what types of chemotherapy drugs are commonly used, what side effects to expect, and what other treatments are used with chemotherapy.
Hospice Care
Hospice care is an option for cancer patients who are suffering from the final stages of the disease. Explore what hospice options are available, who pays the costs, and finding hospice care.
Is Cervical Cancer Caused by Tampons?
A recent email chain letter states that cervical cancer is caused by using tampons. Is there any truth to the email? Separate fact from fiction in this FAQ about tampons and cervical cancer.
Do insurance companies cover the cost of wigs...
If you lose your hair during chemotherapy, will your insurance company pay for a wig? Find out if insurance companies cover the cost of a hair prosthetic and also how to to get your provider to cover the cost.
Medical definition of brachytherapy, a treatment method for several kinds of cancer, including cervical cancer.
Definition of HGSIL, a categorization of an abnormal Pap smear result.
Gardasil May Be Effective in Older Women
A 2007 from Merck says Gardasil is effective in older women, up to age 45. Learn more about the study and how it may affect you.
Endocervical Curettage
Medical definition of endocervical curettage, commonly known as an ECC in gynecology.
Ativan For Nausea and Vomiting
If you are experiencing nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy sessions, your doctor may prescribe Ativan, a anti-anxiety medication that also helps with nausea/vomiting.
Learn more about a colposcopy exam, a type of exam used in diagnosing cervical abnormalities.
Transformation Zone
Medical definition of 'transformation zone,' a term related to the cervix.
Cervical Cancer Diagnosis - Should You Get a...
One of the first things women who have been diagnosed with cancer ask if they should get a second opinion. Here is what women need to know about getting a second opinion after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.
Chemotherapy and Pain
Does chemotherapy hurt? One reader's question answered about pain and chemotherapy.
Pregnancy and the HPV Vaccine: Is It Safe?
It is not recommended that pregnant women receive the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. No well-controlled research studies have been performed in pregnant humans.
Sex and Gardasil
A reader FAQ that questions whether you can have sex during the six month period of getting Gardasil vaccinations. It is recommended that women get three vaccinations, each two months apart.
6 Ways to Reduce Nausea During Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is known to upset the stomach, in turn causing mild to severe nausea. Here are 6 easy tip to help reduce nausea during chemotherapy.
Medical definition if 'vulva.' Cervical Cancer.
6 Ways to Prepare for Hair Loss During...
Hair loss can be a devastating side effect of chemotherapy. There are several things patients can do to prepare for hair loss during chemotherapy.
HPV Quiz Results from About Cervical Cancer
HPV Quiz How Much Do You Know About HPV? Thanks for taking our HPV quiz. Learn more about HPV first by
How to Tell Friends and Family that You Have...
Telling friends and family that you have cervical cancer can be a difficult task. Learn how to effectively tell friends and family about your cervical cancer diagnosis.
HPV Risk in Lesbian Relationships
Should lesbians worry about HPV? Learn more about how HPV can affect women in lesbian relationships.
Cervical Cancer Quiz
Cervical Cancer Quiz How Much Do You Know About Cervical Cancer? Sorry, but this quiz requires that you
Oral Hygiene During Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy produces a number of side effects, including effects on the mouth. Learn more about oral hygiene and care during chemotherapy treatment.
Pap Smears After Gardasil: Are They Necessary?
Do you need to continue having Pap smears after having the HPV vaccine? Here, a look into how having the HPV will change cervical cancer screening for women.
Medical definition of speculum, a medical instrument used in women's health care.
Cervical Cancer Support Groups
When diagnosed with cervical cancer and undergoing treatment, support is essential. Support groups are an excellent way to bond with other patients and get the support you need.
Medical definition of dysplasia, a condition that can affect the cervix
Medical definition of the term chronic.
Why Your Daughter Should be Vaccinated with the...
The HPV vaccine a controversial issue that is leaving many parents confused about vaccinating their daughter. Learn why your daughter should be vaccinated with HPV and what the benefits of the vaccine are.
Definition of colpscope, an instrument used during a colposcpy.
Free and Low-Cost Prescription Programs for...
If you are uninsured or your health plan does not cover the cost of your medications, it can take a toll budget. Learn how to receive free or low-cost medications through various resources and programs.
Dry Skin Can be a Side Effect of Chemotherapy
Dry skin can be a side effect of some chemotherapy drugs. Learn how to prevent and manage dry skin during treatment.
Constipation and Cervical Cancer Treatment
Constipation is a common side effect of chemotherapy and other medications prescribed during cancer treatment. Explore what you can do to prevent constipation and what your doctor may recommend.
Is Gardasil Painful?
Most people feel slight pain with vaccines, but is Gardasil the most painful of all? Learn what to expect when you have the HPV vaccine.
Medical definition of ectocervix, part of the cervix found in the female resproductive system.
Chemobrain - A Side Effect You Can't Forget
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >People who have
Foley Catheter
Medical definition of a foley catheter.
Nail Care During Chemotherapy
Many women are surprised to learn that their nails become damaged when undergoing some types of chemotherapy. Here are some tips to preserve the nail and keep nails healthy during treatment.
1 in 4 Teenage Girls Infected with a Sexually...
A CDC study reveals that 1 in 4 teenage girls in infected with a STD. Learn more about the study and how HPV has affected adolescents.
: Medical term used to describe an illness, injury, or pain that occurs suddenly and generally lasts
8 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season When You...
People with cancer need to take extra safety measures during hurricane season. Here's how to prepare for a hurricane when you are being treated for cancer.
Has Gardasil Been Tested on Animals?
A vegan reader questions the safety testing of Gardasil and if the vaccine was tested on animals.
Oncologist vs Gynecologic Oncologist
It is recommended that women with cervical cancer be treated by a gynecologic oncologist over a general oncologist. Learn the treatment benefits of seeing a gynecologic oncologist and how it may affect your treatment outcome.
Neoadjuvant Therapy
Medical definition of neoadjuvant therapy in layman's terms.
Medical definition of an oncologist, a specialist in the medical profession.
Learn more about alopecia that occurs during chemotherapy.
Medical definition of symptomatic, a term related to diseases and conditions.
Medical definition of cervix, part of the reproductive system in the female body.
Do I need parental consent to get Gardasil?
A reader asks is parental consent is needed for minor who would like to get the Gardasil HPV vaccine.
Cervical Cancer Quiz Results
Cervical Cancer Quiz How Much Do You Know About Cervical Cancer? Thanks for taking our cervical cancer
Your Cervical Cancer Treatment Team
Learn what medical professionals may be involved in your cervical cancer treatment. Each play a vital role in providing specialized care to women with cervical cancer.
How to Talk to Your Daughter About the HPV...
Since the FDA approval of Gardasil, many parent are concerned with how to talk to their daughter about the vaccine. Explore ways to discuss the HPV vaccine with your daughter at age appropriate levels.
Medical definition of asymptomatic, a term related to diseases and conditions.
Top 10 Travels Tips for Cervical Cancer Patients
Traveling can be a stressful experience, even when you don't have cancer! If you have cancer, there are so many precautions you must take before you step out the front door. Here is what cancer patients need to know about traveling during treatment.
Why doesn't my doctor offer Gardasil?
Many women seeking the HPV vaccine Gardasil are finding that their doctor's don't supply the vaccine. If it is such a great vaccine, why aren't more doctor's offering it to women? Find out more in this FAQ about Gardasil.
Blogging About Your Cervical Cancer Treatment
Should you blog about your cervical cancer treatment? Blogging can help you cope with the emotional grind of diagnosis and treatment. Learn how blogging can help you cope with cancer.
Medical definition of cytotechnologist, a type of medical professional.
The Pill May Increase Cervical Cancer Risk,...
A controversial study shows that taking the pill increases the risk of developing cervical cancer by almost 50 percent. Here is what you need to know about the risk of cervical cancer from taking the pill.
Adjuvant Therapy
Medical definition of adjuvant therapy, a medical term used in oncology.
Medical definition of pathologist, a medical professional who is vital in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Advance Directives
For those facing terminal cancer, an advance directive may be something to consider. This FAQ addresses the need for an advanced directive and what it entails.
8 Ways to Prevent Holiday Stress When You Have...
The holiday season can be highly stressful, especially when you have cancer. Learn how to have a low stress, high energy holiday season in eight simple steps.
Flu Shots and Cancer Treatment
As flu season approaches each year, people scramble to doctors office and even supermarkets to get their flu shot! Many cancer patients wonder whether a flu shot would hurt of harm them. Find out if the flu shot is safe for people with cancer.

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