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How much does a Pap smear cost?


Updated May 16, 2014

Question: How much does a Pap smear cost?
I do not have health insurance and need to get a Pap smear. How much does the Pap smear cost if you do not have health insurance?
Answer: The cost of a Pap smear varies among doctor's offices. The cost can range from $50 through $200. Some offices have a discounted price for uninsured women, while others have a standard rate.

Your best bet would be to call around to several physicians in your area to compare costs. When you do call doctor's offices, make sure the fee quoted includes the office visit fee, the fee for the Pap smear, and a lab fee. Some offices do not charge a lab fee, rather allowing the lab to bill you later. You want to know all the associated costs upfront, so there will be no unexpected charges later.

Another alternative to going to a private practice physician would be to go to your local Planned Parenthood or county health department. Both offer free or low cost Pap smears to low income and/or uninsured women. Please note that most county health departments treat low-income people, so you may not qualify for their services. However, I would definitely check with Planned Parenthood if your income level exceeds the allowable amount at your county health department.

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