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Cervical cancer screening is vital for all women. Learn more about the Pap smear, a highly effective means of cervical cancer screening.

Pap Smear During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?
Is it safe to have a Pap smear while pregnant? Learn the importance of having a Pap smear during pregnancy for both the baby and the Mother.

What do genital warts look like?
What do genital warts look like? See what genital warts look like in these genital wart photos.

Can You Get a Pap Smear if You are on Your Period?
Can you get a pap smear if you are on your period? Find out more in this FAQ about having a Pap smear while menstruating.

How much does a Pap smear cost?
For some women without health insurance, it may seem difficult to get a Pap smear because of the cost. Learn how much a Pap smear costs without insurance, and options if you do not have insurance.

What is a Pap Smear?
Discover what a Pap smear is and why it is necessary for all women to have one done regularly.

6 Common Pap Smear Mistakes Women Make
The Pap smear is a highly effective means of preventing cervical cancer and maintaining a healthy cervix, but its success heavily relies on its accuracy. While the use of newer, liquid-based Pap smears yields…

ASCUS Pap Smear Results
An ASCUS Pap smear is a common result to the Pap test. Explore what an ASCUS Pap means and how it relates to cervical cancer.

The Best Time to Schedule Your Pap Smear
Did you know that there is an optimum time in a woman's cycle to have a Pap smear? Discover the best time schedule to Pap smear.

Your First Pap Smear - What to Expect
A Pap smear is a screening test used to detect precancerous cells and cervical cancer in women. Learn what to expect during a Pap smear.

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidlines
Cervical cancer screening guidelines vary from woman to woman. Learn when to have your first Pap smear and how often screening should occur thereafter.

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