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Resources and Support

Support is a necessary coping tool during one's journey with cancer. Here you will support resources for patients and their families, as well as general health care resources.

Free and Low-Cost Prescription Programs for Cancer Patients
If you are uninsured or your health plan does not cover the cost of your medications, it can take a toll budget. Learn how to receive free or low-cost medications through various resources and programs.

Cervical Cancer Support Groups
When diagnosed with cervical cancer and undergoing treatment, support is essential. Support groups are an excellent way to bond with other patients and get the support you need.

Free and Low Cost Pap Smears
A Pap smear is a vital test for optimum health care. For some women, the Pap smear is added expense that cannot be afforded. Financial difficuties and lack of insurance are often the reason why women don't have regular Pap smears. Here are some resources on how to get a free or low cost Pap smear.

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