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Challenges face those who are living with cervical cancer everyday. Learn how to cope with teh everyday challenges of cervical cancer.

8 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season When You Have Cancer
People with cancer need to take extra safety measures during hurricane season. Here's how to prepare for a hurricane when you are being treated for cancer.

Blogging About Your Cervical Cancer Treatment
Should you blog about your cervical cancer treatment? Blogging can help you cope with the emotional grind of diagnosis and treatment. Learn how blogging can help you cope with cancer.

Flu Shots and Cancer Treatment
As flu season approaches each year, people scramble to doctors office and even supermarkets to get their flu shot! Many cancer patients wonder whether a flu shot would hurt of harm them. Find out if the flu shot is safe for people with cancer.

Top 10 Travels Tips for Cervical Cancer Patients
Traveling can be a stressful experience, even when you don't have cancer. If you have cancer, there are so many precautions you must take before you step out the front door. Here is what cancer patients need to know about traveling during treatment.

8 Ways to Prevent Holiday Stress When You Have Cancer
The holiday season can be highly stressful, especially when you have cancer. Learn how to have a low-stress, high-energy holiday season in these eight simple steps.

Chemobrain - A Side Effect You Can't Forget
After undergoing chemotherapy, some patients find they have trouble with their memory, attention spans, and general concentration. "Chemobrain" is a condition that can haunt cancer surivirs for years following treatment.

Caring for Your Hair and Scalp During Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy induced hair loss is common during treatment. Learn how to protect your scalp and thinning hair throughout treatment.

Working During Cancer Treatment
A common concern for cancer patients is maintaining employment during treatment. Learn how to talk to your employer about your diagnosis and what rights you may have for leaves and absences, benefits, and job protection.

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