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A Healthy Cervix in 2010

By December 27, 2009

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month

Although a healthy cervix is an unlikely addition to a woman's New Year's resolutions list, it is one that shouldn't be overlooked! The cervix may be a very small part of the body, but is vital organ in the female reproductive system. (See "What is a Cervix and Why Do I Need It?") Resolving to maintain and promote cervical health is one of the best resolutions any woman can make! Check out these simple ways to have a healthy cervix in 2010.

US Congress has desginated January as the "Cervical Health Awareness Month". This month we are called to raise awareness about cervical cancer for friends, family and also through media outlets. There are many thing a single person can do to help raise awareness about cervical cancer:

  • Remind female friends and family members to get a regular Pap smear.

    A regular Pap smear is highly effective at preventing cervical cancer!

  • Get the HPV vaccine and don't be shy about it. If eligible to receive the the HPV vaccine, by all means, get the vaccine! Let your friends know about the vaccine and answer any questions they may have about it. Sometimes it takes only person to take the leap to get others to start jumping.

  • Write your local newspaper and news stations. Chances are that your local television news programs and newspapers are not covering Cervical Health Awareness Month. Why not? Well, most people don't know about it! Cervical Health Awareness Month is relatively new and word hasn't spread - just yet. Writing your local media about the month and requesting coverage is a great way to raise awareness and reach a large number of people.
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